To assist our customers to know more about the kind of fabrics used by MPW, we have provided a list of fabric category and names for your reference and understanding. By no means is this an exhausted list as there are innumerous types of fabric available. Will definitely need to update the list as time goes by. Hope this will allow you to know more about what you are wearing and you can tell us what kind of fabric you would love to see in our upcoming collections! 

Types of fabrics Fabric names
Mesh Fabrics /Open work Fabrics Tulle,Bobbinet, Assuit, Illusion(net fabrics) mesh knits
Buckram, Eyelet fabric, Borderie Anglaise, Lace,Cape net, Tarlatan
Piled fabrics Fur, Faux fur, Velvet, Chenille,Astrakhan, Plush, Velour, Velveteen, terrycloth, Boucle (loops)
Mild soft pile - Flannel, Suede, Ultra suede, microfiber, flannelette, felt, brushed denim
Shiny glossy fabrics Satin, silk ( and all its many types), sateen, polished cotton, cire
Ribbed fabrics Denim, Gabardine, Corduroy, Grosgrain, Bengaline, Moire,Whipcord, Drill, serge, poplin (Broadcloth), Faille Taffeta, Pique, Bedford cord, Chino, Cavalry twill
Fabric category Fabric names
Very lightweight woven fabrics Batiste, chiffon, net, Voile, Organza, Georgette, transparent fabrics.
Lightweight Woven fabrics Lawn, Muslin, Oxford cloth,Challis, chambray, charmeuse, crepe, dotted swiss, handkerchief linen, silk blouse fabrics, satin, eyelet, lace, Taffeta, lightweight wools and polyesters
Light to Medium Weight Woven fabrics Metallic, Sequined fabrics, elasticized fabrics, gingham, percale seersucker.
Medium Weight Woven fabrics Broadcloth, brocade, linen, pique, Velvet,shantung, chintz, velveteen, polyester blends acrylics, Woolens, fleece, gabardine, outerwear fabrics.
Medium to Heavy Weight Woven fabrics Denim, drapery fabric, twill-weave, corduroy, terry, velour, fake fur, double-faced fabrics, quilted fabrics.
Heavy Weight Fabrics Canvas, duck, awning fabrics. sailcloth, upholstery , Burlap, Cheviot, Fleece, Tweed, Doeskin, Mohair
Lightweight Knits Double knit, interlocks, jersey, mesh, panne velvet, rib knits.
Light to Medium Weight Knits Sweater, sweatshirt, two-way stretch, velour.
Medium -heavy Weight Knits Double knits fleece